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1966 Daphne Blue Fender Mustang

This beautiful guitar is a genuine work of art created in the early days of Fender. This guitar has been played and loved for many years. It has scratches, dings and amazing finish checking that a new relic wishes it had. This is the real deal!


The guitar has had a few mods along the way. One being replace switches (very common on these guitars) and at some point had non-original tuners which have been lovingly restored.

Also updated are the frets, nut & pick guard and possibly pickup covers making this guitar ready for years of more action.

This thing not only looks amazing it plays and sounds fantastic!

The neck in particular has a great feel and begs to be played.

No buzzing, dead spots, etc… just a killer guitar ready for action!

Comes with non-original Fender case

Serial #144334

Nut width: 1.61 inches

1st Fret: 0.85 inches

12th Fret: 0.86 inches

Neck type: Thin “C”

Finger Board: Rosewood

Pickups: Original

Weight: 7lbs

1966 Fender Mustang - Daphine Blue

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