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1968 Competition Burgandy (Blue) Fender Mustang Bass

Introducing this 1968 Vintage Fender Mustang Bass, a true gem from the past. This very early example boasts a rarity that is simply unmatched - the legendary Competition Burgundy (blue) color. But what sets this bass apart is how it has aged gracefully into an extraordinary Green hue, giving it a unique character that tells a story of its own.

As you admire this timeless instrument, you can still catch glimpses of its original color in various parts, reminding you of its rich history. The original pickguard, although showing signs of shrinkage (a common feature after many years), remains intact, symbolizing the resilience and longevity of this classic beauty.

Featuring a matching headstock, this 1968 Mustang Bass exudes an undeniable charm that commands attention.

Sound and playability are excellent.

Don't miss this opportunity to own a piece of musical history.

*Rare Competition Burgundy (Blue)

*7.6 lbs

*Very early example with matching headstock

*Paddle Tuners


1968 Fender Mustang - Competition Burgundy

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