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1972 Fender Precision - Sunburst

This vintage Fender Precision bass is in great working condition for its age and sounds and plays amazingly!

Naturally relic’d from years of gigging, the bass has a great worn feel. Heavy signs of use and wear around the sides of the body give it that desired Vintage look and feel.

The Neck is straight with low action and the frets have slight wear but still plenty of life left.

Minus the replacement pick guard (the original although broken, is included with the bass) this 1972 P-Bass is all original.

This bass is everything you’d expect from a 70s Vintage Fender Precision bass.

Serial #326855

Weight - About 8.6 lbs

Comes with modern ProRockGear foam case for transport/storage

1972 Fender Precision - Sunburst

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