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Looking for a vintage masterpiece? Look no further than this stunning 1973 Fender Jazz Bass in a rare Lake Placid Blue finish. This beauty has gracefully aged to a cool green, making it a true gem for any bass enthusiast.

This Jazz Bass exudes timeless elegance. Not only does it look incredible, but it sounds even better. With its classic pickups and smooth playability, you'll experience the rich, warm tones that make Fender basses legendary.

*Untouched solder & electronics.

*8.8lbs (light for this time period)

*Comes with original Fender Warranty card

*Original hard shell case

*Bottom strap button was moved (see pic) but is now in original spot.

Sticker removed from back of body revealing original LPB custom color.

1973 Fender Jazz - Lake Placid Blue

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