1974 Fender Precision Bass

This bass has great stage appeal and has that "old school vibe" that you want in a vintage bass!

The bass was refinished Lake Placid Blue in the early eighties so it really looks as if it was the original color. This bass plays and sounds GREAT!!!!!


All original with these exceptions:

70s NOS voulume & tone pots, the pickup cover, the knobs and what looks to be a few screws that hold pickguard.

*Also, when I received this bass the original pickguard was a disaster near the input jack area. It had cracked in to a seperate piece and I was faced with using an aftermarket replacement or to fix it using just a piece of an old pickguard to fix the input area. I chose the latter (mainly as I wanted to keep most of the original pickguard) and added two dowels to the elecctronic cavity to hold the new piece in tact.

If wanted these could be easily taken out and one could put a new pickguard on the bass.


Comes with Fender gig bag



1974 Fender Precision Bass