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1975 Fender Telecaster - Natural Ash


Talk about MOJO! This 1975 Tele is awesome.

From the look to the sound to the playability…it’s just what you want in a Vintage Telecaster.


This guitar sports an Alder body and Maple neck with dot inlays.

If you are a Tele fan you know that some of the 70s Fenders can get heavy…look no further, this one only weighs 7.6 lbs!!!


The guitar has seen lots of use and it shows. There are a lot of nicks, dings and worn spots on the body that only adds to its beauty. (See pics)


The guitar currently has a 60's RI Bakelite Relic Aged Black pickguard but the Original White 1975 Pickguard is also included.


The nut width is 1 5/8” and the neck has a medium width C shape feel.

The truss rod works as it should and neck has normal relief.


The frets have been leveled, recrossed and polished.

Lead pickup was rewound and the tone pot was changed.

Pickup was rewound with 43 gauge wire to about 9.2k ohms. This is similar to how early Broadcaster pickups were wound.

Neck pickup is stock.


The tone pot was replaced with a 60’s stackpole.


Comes with non original hard shell case



1975 Fender Telecaster - Natural Ash

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