2015 Fender Flea Bass Relic Body with Vintage Fender 1976 Fender Jazz Bass Neck.

This is a parts Fender Bass build cenetering on a vintage Fender Jazz Bass Neck. Incredible sound, feel and look to this bass. Truly one of a kind bass!

Serial # 2015 Flea Bass Body - 1976 Fender Jazz Bass Neck

Weight 9lbs. 4oz

Model Year 1976/2015

  *2015 Flea Signature Jazz Bass Body

  *Fender Vintage Jazz Bass Neck (Headstock Serial dates to 1976, but heel stamp dates to 1971). Has appropriate fret wera for a 50 year old neck, but has been checked out by a pro luthier and frets have lots of life in them.
  *Aguilar AG 4J-HC (hum cancelling) Jazz Bass Pickups
  *CTS 250K Pots & new old stock polyester film/foil .022 microfarad capacitor
  *New "Switchcraft" Output Jack

  *Vintage Style Cloth Wiring
  *Gotoh Lollipop Tuners
  *Fender Hardware (relic'd to match body, including a Fender Hi-Mass Bridge.
 *SKB Freedom Hard Shell Case


Fender Flea Jazz Bass w/ 1976 Neck

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