1958 Pre CBS Fender Precision Bass 
(Two Tone Sunburst)


One of the most sought after basses of all time! This beautiful 1958 Precision is ALL original with exception of a new input jack, BUT the original 58’ input jack is included.

All the great features that Leo started in 1957 are here, the revolutionary new split pickup design, the headstock taking a more “stratocaster” shape, the bridge having 4 adjustable saddle pieces, a one piece pickguard assemble and strings no longer through the body.

Features also include gold anodized aluminum pickguard, a taller “A” pickup pole piece for string balance (discontinued in 1959) and a bridge secured with 5 screws instead of 3.


*This bass was owned by the bassist for the 60s band "The Knack" and "The Standells" and used on many recordings. It feels, sounds and plays amazingly!!! Great for a collector OR a player!
Own a real piece of Fender Music History!!


NECK DATE - 1/58

BODY DATE - 11/57

BOTH POTS - 1957


Serial# 024039

Weight 8lbs 4oz.

Model Year 1958


  • Two- Tone Sunburst Finish (Three-Tone started in May 58’)

  • Original Bridge with 4 adjustable saddle pieces

  • Maple Neck with Skunk Stripe

  • Larger “Strat” style Headstock with Fender “spaghetti” Logo

  • Original Gold Anodized aluminum pickguard

  • Original Pickups (two-coil hum-canceling configuration)

  • Original Pickup Cover

  • Original  Bridge Cover


  • Includes:

• 1970s Rickenbacker Hard Shell Case which bass was in when I got it. Fits Perfectly!

Pre CBS 1958 Fender Precision (Two-Tone Sunburst)